Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

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Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

Post  Riexy on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:28 pm

Hi, a while ago I came in contact with Brian Oh from the PearlAbyss team and thought why not do a short interview?
So here it is! Enjoy!

Q1: Hi! I’m from the fan site, would you like to give us a brief introduction of yourself and Black Deserts for everybody who doesn’t know what it is?

Hello, my name is Brian Oh at Business Development Dept. of PearlAbyss. I’m really delighted to give you all a brief introduction of Black Desert. Black Desert is a next generation MMORPG that features large-scale battles with stylish and powerful gameplay against an open world backdrop. Moreover, Black Desert allows users to engage in a variety of in-game experiences including exploration, crafting and manufacturing, auction, transportation, trade, real estate management and more.

Q2: In the newly released trailer you revealed the look of the male Archer class. Will there be any differences between male Archer and female Archer in terms of combat?

The male Archer will be differentiated from the existing female one in many ways. The basic stats, the type of skills and the damage will be different. However, the details will be determined later on.

Q3: You also revealed the Valkyrie, Wizard and the Blader. Can you explain the characteristics of these classes?

The detailed concepts of newly released characters are soon to be unveiled. Please wait a bit more.

Q4: It has been said that you will be able to hire houses in the game; however, will other people be able to intrude another player’s house without permission?

House owners are able to lock the door of their own houses with the locker and key. They can copy and spread keys to their friends or guild members if they want to. Therefore, houses cannot be intruded unless they let the door open to the public.

Q5: Do you have to turn every building into a farm/blacksmith/shop/etc., or can you simply leave it as a guild hall for example? How many choices will you have for turning your house into whatever your choice is?

Users are able to enjoy the housing content in various ways at their discretion. If any user wants to turn their building into any kind, he has to install the equipment or facility suitable for its use. In addition, every house has its own special use given by system.

Q6: What are your plans for end-game content? How are you going to keep the players busy after reaching the level cap?

First of all, I want make it clear that there will not be any level cap in Black Desert. Of course, after level 50, it will be extremely difficult to level up. It will require a lot of time and effort. In this respect, we are preparing for many end contents for the users 50+ level. Housing, exploration, castle siege, crafting, trade, intimacy system, guild activities could be the end contents for keeping the players busy after de facto level cap.

Q7: It has been said that Black Deserts will feature a unique NPC-relationship system. Can you explain more about how this will work? Can you become an NPC’s enemy?

When users first visit any unknown town they must network among the NPCs there. Frequent dialogue with them enables users to obtain “intimacy points”, with which they can secure special entry rights to dungeons, rare items or additional EXP. Like the real world, there are a variety of relationships to be had among NPCs. For example, some NPCs may become close friends,

while others may become hostile enemies. Accordingly, users must make strategic choices when approaching NPCs.

Q8: How will the siege system work?

Attackers must decide to either bombard the gates or use ladders to scale the castle wall. On the defenders’ side, one must dispatch shock troops to destroy artillery or keep the enemy from using ladders. Deploying forces in a strategical manner around the castle and attacking the enemy by surprise need to be done to successfully siege the castle. Tactics depending on the individual’s or unit level offers users greater variety of fun. In addition, the number of participants in a castle siege is unlimited, which gives users more flexibility in terms of combat.

Q9: Will there be factions?

Black Desert is not the faction based game but the guild oriented one. There are the wars and battles between two countries such as Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia, but it function as merely a background story. All the meaningful battles and wars will take place among the guilds that has been created by the actual players.

Q10: Black Deserts will be Free 2 Play at least in Korea and Japan, however, what is your opinion about pay 2 win? What can the players using the cash shop expect to be able to buy?

Based on the current monetization plan in Korea and Japan, Black Desert will be a free-to-play game. However, we haven’t been reached any conclusion about the monetization policy in any other regions. The specific cash items to be sold to users is been developing and the detailed cash items will be determined after discussion with the local publishers.

Q11: When it comes to customization, will each class be bound to one specific body type or can you have different body types? (Ex. All have same face, height, hair, skin colour and body size or not?)

The detailed customization policy should be determined after discussion with the local publishers at that moment. At least, the Korean users will be allowed to customize their characters within the limitation of not ruining the characters. We don’t want our users to make our decent and beautiful characters ugly and weird to look at.

Q12: Half of your team members are old developers from the team who developed Continent of the Ninth, what kind of experience from developing C9 do you think will benefit the development of Black Deserts?

C9 has got its reputation from worldwide users with respect to the realistic action and dynamic combat system. The action combat is all about the game contents for C9, because it is action MORPG. Our studio has been extremely famous for our stylish action and impact feel of attack, and for this reason, we have accumulated a lot of know-how how to realize it in the game. In this respect, users can easily experience maximized impact feels in Black Desert despite of its genre of open field of MMORPG. As you know, it is technically very difficult one.

Q13: C9 was released in 2009 in Korea, but did not seem to reach an English Version until 2012. How long do you think it will take to release Black Deserts in English after the Korean Version?

We plan to complete the deals of publishing in European and Russian territory within this year, which means Europe and Russia are the very next target areas for us to bring our game into those markets. So, you can have English version of Black Desert in 2014 or 2015. Definitely, it could be changed according to our business plan.

Q14: It has been said that the first Closed Beta will be held in July 2013. How many people will be invited for the Beta test, and what is needed to become a Beta tester? Do you need to be a Korean citizen to be able to apply?

We plan to invite thousands of beta testers based on our current business plan. However, this should be determined after discussion with our Korean publisher, Daum Communication. Probably, the beta testers in July will be restricted to Korea users, I guess, because, the main purpose of this test is to identify the possibility of success in Korean market.

Q15: Have you ever noticed that if you pause your first trailer at ~0.33, there is a man walking in the air? (Top left corner)
No answer:(

Q16: Thank you for taking part in this interview. Is there anything else you would like to tell your English speaking fans?

I really appreciate your interests in our maiden title Black Desert. I hope this game will be memorized as a very unique and fun game to the users who are waiting for the new generation game. All our colleagues are making our best effort to meet the needs and wants of global MMORPG fans so just wait for our game patiently. We will never disappoint you. Thank you all again.

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Re: Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

Post  Fawz on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:44 pm

Great interview! Very nice that you get some info on the game. I wasn't aware that they planned to have the game be F2P, but it's not too surprising when looking at current MMOs. I just really really hope the MTX in the game will be cosmetic only. It would really suck to have it become pay-to-win.

Really interested in seeing how their lack of a level cap will work. It's an interesting concept as having a level cap and setting end-game has always failed to maintain players interested for long. A steady stream of content is needed to uphold that style of progression and it just costs too much to do properly.

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Re: Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

Post  Korean on Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:38 am

2014 huh.
thats another year away.

guess i gotta look into the korean testing at july


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Re: Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

Post  Dojjin on Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:11 am

892 views and only 2 comments, I guess the 2014-2015 marker scared them away.

Nice interview, it's awesome they gave you the time, seeing as this has yet to really catch on.

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Re: Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

Post  Korean on Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:19 am

Dojjin wrote:892 views and only 2 comments, I guess the 2014-2015 marker scared them away.

Nice interview, it's awesome they gave you the time, seeing as this has yet to really catch on.

only a year away not much. hope world wont end before that though Sad


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Re: Fresh Interview with the Black Deserts Team!

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